2. Interface

After login, you go directly to the main page where all cameras are shown on the map.


Use the left sidebar to get around the System and to go to the section you need.

Click  to hide or show the sidebar.


Use filters in the left sidebar for the quick search of information.

Depending on the section you are in, searching can be done by different parameters (see p. 20. Search)


To find an object you need, use the text search box above.

Go to the section you need → in the search box, in the drop-down list, select a search parameter → enter a query. The preview pane contains the search results from the criteria that are chosen (see p. 20 Search).


Click to change the sort order of data in the preview pane.


Click  to change the view mode.

Depending on the selected view mode the View icon can change:

 - Map view icon;

 - Tiles/Grid view icon;

 - List view icon.


To perform more operations, click the appropriate button:

- enable/disable notifications for new events in event monitors.

 User menu:

User email - opens your Irex account settings (name, surname, contacts, interface settings, etc.);

Users - opens a list of all users in the System (see p. 7 Users);

User groups - opens a list of all user groups in the System (see p. 6 User groups);

Entity groups - opens a list of all entity groups in the System (see p. 8 Entity groups);

Lists of persons - opens all lists of persons in the System (see p. 12 Persons lists);

Number plate lists - opens all number plates lists in the System (see p. 13 Lists of number plates);

Event monitors - opens a list of all event monitors in the System (see p. 15 Event monitors);

Violations detection - opens a list of all regions of control and traffic violations reports;

Log out - ends your authorization session;

 - Additional options:

Incidents - opens a history of critical events marked as incidents (see p. 17 Incidents);

System settings - opens system settings page (timezone, product name, logo, etc.) (see p. 27 System settings)

License - opens licenses page (see p. 25 Licensing);

Event log - opens a history of all actions made by users (see p. 21 Event log);

User guide - opens the user manual;

About program - opens short information about the current Irex version;

Bolid connection, Zkteco connection, Keyhole connection - external devices management (see p. 23. Keyhole);


Depending on your user role the list of available functions can be different.