Appendix 5. Basic requirements to communication links

Video streams characteristics of 1 camera

Minimum bandwidth per video camera, MbpsBurst, %

Burstable bandwidth, Mbps

HD        1280x720, constant bitrate 2.5 Mbps, 25 fps2.5253,13
FullHD  1920x1080, constant bitrate: 4.0 Mbps, 25 fps4,0255,00
QHD     2592х1944, constant bitrate avg: 8.0 Mbps, 25 fps8,02510,00


Recommended parameters for QHD video stream if facial recognition module is enabled: Resolution - 2592х1944 pixels, Constant bitrate avg. - 8.0 Mbps, Frame rate - 15 fps.

Recommended QHD parameters for other video analytics modules:  Resolution - 2592х1944 pixels, Constant bitrate avg. - 8.0 Mbps, Frame rate 25 fps

To calculate the total bandwidth from the monitoring site to the Irex monitoring system, you need to know cameras quality, their number, availability of servers and other equipment on the client's point.


You need to connect 3 video cameras to the monitoring system: 2 HD cameras 1280x720 and 1 FullHD camera 1920x1080. It means the total channel capacity from the monitoring site will be: 2 x 3.13 Mbps + 1 x 5.00 Mbps = 11.26 Mbps.

However, taking into account the potential possibility of heavy traffic on the scenes of cameras of the local CCTV system, and the tariff policy of the main telecom operators and operators of the "last mile", optimal bandwidth to be ordered when the site is connected to the Irex monitoring system in this example is up to 15 Mbps.

Requirements to communication links

Data transmission and network connection readiness factormin 99.50 %
Latency max 100 ms


max 20 ms
Packet lossmax 1 %
Percentage of connections satisfying data rate and latency
min 99,00 %

QoS, traffic prioritization requirements from cameras of local CCTV systems (descending)

1. In-house traffic
2. Video traffic
3. The rest of the traffic (telemetry, SNMP)