Appendix 2. General requirements to camera Installation

The height of the camera installation, as well as the angle of its inclination, vary depending on the specific tasks assigned. For example, these requirements for guarding the perimeter of the object (SideTrack module) and when detecting and accompanying persons (FaceTrack module) are significantly different, but there are general recommendations for camera installation, guided by which it is possible to get a true scene overview from the camera.



Aspects of fixture

A reliable and rigid (fixed) mount is recommended to minimize or eliminate camera shake from wind and vibration, including the passage of vehicles (including railroad vehicles).

Camera shake should not result in image shifts greater than 1% of linear frame sizes.


It is recommended to place the cameras taking into account uniformity of illumination of the scene and the observed objects.

In case of uneven illumination of the scene or objects in the field of view of the camera, it is recommended to install additional lighting, or install a separate camera for a brightly lit area and a separate camera for a darkened zone.

Do not allow the direction of natural or artificial light sources in the camera lens, the presence of lighting devices, including a flashing and stroboscopic type, in the field of view of the camera, is highly undesirable and leads to distortion of the video image and a decrease in the accuracy of video analytics.

A night lighting system (infrared projectors) should not lead to a deterioration of the distinguishability of objects on a natural background.

In conditions of insufficient (night time) or excessive (illumination of the camera) illumination, the quality and accuracy of the video analytics is reduced.

Scene and angle of the camera

Objects in motion should be visually separable from each other in the image. The presence of extended monochromatic objects, reflecting surfaces in the frame, and sharp shadows from moving objects adversely affect the accuracy of video analytics. A stable and static background is recommended.

Interference in the frame

In the field of view of the camera, it is necessary to exclude objects that block the view and allow people, observable objects or vehicles to move unnoticeably in the surveillance zone.

It is necessarily be avoided or limited by means of video analytics modules (ROI) the areas of television screens, interactive billboards, revolving doors, escalators, swinging branches and other objects that create a constant movement, if these objects are not the purpose of surveillance.