21. Event log

The Event log contains information about last actions done by users in the System.

It shows all information about what, when and by whom was done.

Only the user with the System manager role can view the Event log.

To view the Event log:

  1. On the main page, at the top right click Additional options .
  2. Click Event log.
  3. In the window that opens, on the sidebar, in the Time Period section, select or type in time period you want.
  4. Under Actions select an action/actions which details you want to see. (If not selected, all actions done by users during selected time period will be shown in the list).

In the Event log you can see the following information about all user's actions:

  • Date and time when the action was done;
  • User's name and e-mail;
  • The action itself and its description.


To find out which actions were done by a certain user:

  1. In the search box, type in user's full name or e-mail or its part.
  2. Press Enter on the keyboard or click  in the search box.

All actions done by this user will be listed in the event log. At the top and bottom of the page you can see the total number of displayed actions. Usebuttons to go to the next or previous page.

To clear search results, click Clearin the search box.


Click  at the top right to sort displayed actions by time:

  • Newest first;
  • Oldest first.