20. Search

For the quick search of data you need, you can use the following search tools:

 Text search

Search for events, people and vehicles using the text search box above.

Just select a search criteria in the list and type in a value you're looking for.

Text search can be done by the following parameters:

  • camera name;
  • person name;
  • vehicle registration number;
  • car owner name.

Depending on the section you are in, search parameters can vary:

  • Categories - search for events by category. Category examples: Faces, Traffic conditions, Video analytics.
  • Event types - search for events by their type. Event types depend on the selected event category.
  • Object type:

For Vehicles and traffic conditions events - search for vehicles by their type (e.g. car, minibus, bus, etc.);

For Video analytics event type - filter detected objects by similarity degree (in %) with such objects like personal property, human, vehicle, truck.

  • Object color -  search for vehicles by their color.
  • Speed of object - filter vehicles by detected speed.
  • Lists of persons - search for people and face tracking events by lists of persons.
  • Number plates lists - search for vehicles and number plate tracking events by number plates lists.
  • Time period - search for events and critical events by date, date and time or time period.
  • Entity groups - search for events, people and vehicles by their location.
  • Cameras - search for cameras, plans, downloads and events by camera name.
  • Plans - search for plans, cameras and events by plan name.
  • Priority - search for events by their priority.
  • Video analytics - search for cameras by the configured video analytics module.
  • Video format - search for cameras by the configured video format.
  • Search by photo - search for people and events by photo.
  • Additional features - search for people by apperance description:
  • Event monitors - search for the most critical events by event monitor name.
 Tags (chips)

Tags (chips) the same as filters are used to refine your search results.

Just click on any tag to specify your search criteria.

See below how to find people, vehicles and different types of events: