16. Events

On the Events tab, you will see freeze frames (or thumbnails) of video analytics events.

For each event type you will see the following information about an event:

  • event date and time;
  • event priority and event type;
  • event name;
  • the name of the camera, which detected the event;

Point to the event thumbnail to see the following options:

  • camera location;
  • transfer to the plan or camera page;
  • options for viewing all freeze frames of events (for events with persons and number plates);
  • searching for events by the vehicle's registration number (for events with recognized number plates);
  • searching for events with any persons you want (for events with persons).

Click the event thumbnail to playback the archived video of the event.

Displayed information can be different for different event types.



By default all events thumbnails are displayed in the Tiles view mode.

To change the view mode, click the View button in the upper-right corner.

In the List view mode you can see more detailed information about an event.

The Map view mode shows all events on the map. The System will adjust the scale of the map to present all the events available to the user.

Events are indicated by blue points. If several events are detected for a certain location, the number will also be displayed on the map. 

Move a pointer over an event point to view all freeze frames of the detected events. Click on a freeze frame to playback the archived video in the media player.

The following options are available in the Map view mode:

  • Change map scale;
  • Download more events;
  • Show the route of the object;
  • Show the histogram of events.


Click the Sorting button to sort all events by time:

  • Newest first;
  • Oldest first;