11. Plans and facilities

In Irex you can create various facilities. It can be any monitoring facility where CCTV cameras are installed: a restaurant, a stadium, a shopping center, a school, a train station, an underground, etc. After creating a facility you can add floor plans, a car parking plan or a surroundings plan and put installed cameras on them. Floor plans form a multi-level interactive plan that provides quick and easy navigation through the floor plans as well as simplifies the search for the plan in the System.

To go to facilities page:

  • on the main page, in the sidebar, click Facilities.


To view the facilities, you can choose between the following view types:


In the Map view type you can see all facilities on the map.

Colored mark on the map indicates the geographical position of a facility. A number on the mark stands for the number of facilities in that location.

Point to a colored mark to see basic information about a facility.

Click on the colored mark or facility name to see the interactive plan of the facility.


In the Tiles view mode you can see facilities thumbnails with a facility image and name.


Point to a facility thumbnail to see the following options:

 - see location of the facility;

 - options Edit and Delete (this functionality is available only for users with Camera manager and Group manager role).