9. Cameras

In Irex you can add and configure cameras, import and export video analytics settings as well as specify geographical location of the camera.

To go to cameras page:

  • on the main page, in the sidebar, click Cameras.


To view the cameras, you can choose between the following view types:


After log on you go directly to Cameras screen in the Map view type.

Colored mark  on the map indicates the geographical position of a camera. A number on the mark stands for the number of cameras in that location.

At the bottom of the screen you can see a row of video frames from cameras installed in the visible part of the map.

Point to a video frame to see where the camera is located on the map.


In the Tiles view mode you can see snap shots from all the cameras and camera names.


In the List view mode you can see additional tools for the quick search of cameras. Use tags (chips) to search for cameras by camera name or by plan name.


Point to the camera card to see the following options:

 - see location of the camera;

 - see the plan where the camera is located;

 - see all events detected by the camera;

- options Edit and Delete (this functionality is available only for users with Camera manager role in the Tiles or List view type).